2) 3D Reconstruction in the Cloud

Once the capture is complete, you can upload the data of the images by tapping on the small cloud. The cloud will turn green once the upload is complete. Now you  start the 3D reconstruction process by pressing on the small cube. Once the process is finished after a few minutes, the cube will appear in green.

3) Result in 3D Viewer and AR

Immediately after completing the 3D reconstruction, you can view the result directly on your phone by pressing the green tube, either as a point cloud or with textures, or with AR in your environment. 

And there are many other functions in amscan, just try it yourself ..
4) Export and Share

You can export the data or share it directly on our marketplace www.meshvalley.com and publish it on your website.

1) Scanning of single Images

To capture an object, tap the screen and point the virtual dome at the object. Press the red start button and bring the camera circle to one of the dome segments. Vary the distance until the segment turns green. The green circle shows you if you are keeping the correct distance. After all image segments have been scanned, you will get a message whether you want to continue scanning (e.g. to scan the object from the bottom side) or end the scanning process.

Create your own 3D Model in 4 Steps